Welcome to Lancaster Recycling & Sales Co.
Lancaster Recycling & Sales serves the recycling needs of individuals and businesses in the Western New York area. We are a division of Manitoba Corporation, a family-run, WNY-based recycling company currently celebrating our 100th-year in business. We’re proud of – and take seriously – our reputation for our contribution to the conservation of resources in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Our clean, modern and secure facility was designed with the supplier in mind, and we gladly accept most recyclable materials.

Attention Customers
The attempted recycling of stolen goods as a result of higher commodity prices has become an issue facing our industry. Lancaster Recycling & Sales Co. does not accept stolen goods and makes every effort to combat the issue by:
  • working with local law enforcement
  • exchanging information on stolen goods with other business owners
  • requiring a driver’s license and signed receipt from each customer indicating he or she has the right to sell the material

Cleaner. Safer. Better.
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*Please note our new hours as of Monday July 25th:

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